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A Great Start

An evaluation will help us identify any deficits and needs your child may have. Once we know your child's needs, we can begin to create an individualized plan of care. We evaluate articulation, early language development, social language/pragmatics, school aged language development, oromyofunction, motor speech/apraxia, fluency/stuttering and feeding. Call to get scheduled today!

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An individualized Plan of Care

Children receive weekly individualized care to target goals created from our evaluations. Goals are targeted in a fun and playful environment. We play with purpose!

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Play with Your Food

Following the SOS feeding hierarchy, we offer a weekly class for picky eaters. In a small group we learn to tolerate and try new foods through exploration and food play.

Mother and Baby on Floor


Learning Together

A variety of small group classes for you and your little one:

  • Early Language Enrichment Playgroup (6m-15m)

  • Late Talker Play Group (15m-36m)

  • Food Detectives: exploring new foods for picky eaters

  • Sing and Sign 

  • Storytime 

  • Baby Led Weaning group

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